Friday, February 4, 2011

Go-green! Columbian emeralds

The world’s most beautiful emeralds are said to be Columbian emeralds. Since large stones of good quality may prove to be rather expensive for the layman, emerald beads are a smart option for those who wish to add this verdant gem to their jewelry collection. In this article we will look at the different kinds of emerald beads, their fashioning, sizes and use.

As with most colored gemstones the main factor affecting value is color. Famed emerald mines in Columbia- Chivor, Muzo and Cosquez are known for their distinctly colored yields more than anything else. Emeralds from the Chivor mine have a good blue-green color while those mined at Muzo are famed for their yellowish-green color and warm velvety appearance that is much prized amongst gem-collectors.

But no matter what the shade of color; Columbian emeralds are in a class of their own. Although it may prove somewhat difficult to source Columbian emeralds that fit exactly into the color descriptions given above, many good quality stones exist in varying shades of green. Light, transparent varieties and bright, pleasing leaf green colored emeralds make charming additions to any jewelry collection. Deep forest green and a dewy bottle green too are acceptable colors for emerald beads. Commercial websites selling emeralds cut stones and beads may classify color as light, medium and dark green.

Shapes and sizes
Columbian emerald beads are available in several shapes including roundels (beads that are somewhat spherical but with flattened sides where the drill holes pass through), spheres, faceted round or smooth beads, faceted oval or rectangular beads and irregular shaped tumbled beads. Round beads range in size from 6 to 9 mm and are available in strands that range in different length combinations. Stands may measure in at 14 to 19 inches, 15 to 18 inches and may go up to 24 inches. Sugar-loaf cabochons (square shaped stones with a ‘sugar-loaf’ like domed top), oval cabochons and lozenge shaped emerald beads are also popular amongst jewelry designers and gem enthusiasts.

Emerald carvings are stones that are not usually drilled but carved in various fashions. Geometrical designs, floral patterns and traditional motifs are carved onto the stones surface with great care. Carvings can be as small as 6X3 mm in size and go up to 25X23 mm. They can be obtained in multiples and individual pieces may also be sourced.

Though durable, emeralds have a reputation for being brittle. Cleaning, wearing and storing of emeralds therefore should involve a degree of cautiousness and care. Avoid sudden jolts, sharp taps and extreme changes of temperature to your emerald set jewelry. Always remove rings, earrings and bracelets before using hot appliances, strong detergents and household cleaning liquids. Store your jewelry separately in a proper jewelry box or bureau and segregate each piece with a tissue or cotton wool. Have beaded emeralds restrung at least once every two years and ensure there is a knot between two stones so as to prevent them from rubbing against each other.

Never put emeralds in an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner. Warm water and the mildest detergent you can find along with a soft brush are enough for a regular cleaning. Always dry your jewelry gently after cleaning it.

Monday, January 3, 2011

All you need to know about emerald beads

Be it a plain string of graduated emerald beads or mixed with gold or silver charms, a necklace or bracelet with emerald beads is a sure eye-catcher. An emerald is a beautiful gemstone that belongs to the gem species beryl. It is the birthstone of people who are born in May or those belonging to the star sign Cancer. However you don’t necessarily have to be born in May or belong to a particular star sign to enjoy the beauty of this spectacular stone. Apart from its incredible beauty emerald is said to enhance love and contentment in a person.

As the well known adage goes:
Who first beholds the light of day
In spring's sweet, flower month of May
And wears an emerald all her life
Shall be a loved and a loving wife.

It is well-known for its healing properties, gazing at an emerald is supposed to soothe the eyes and it is even believed to cure epilepsy in children.

11 to 21 mm - 2 Lines - Emerald Tumbled Beads - 1003.00 carats

11 to 25 mm - 1 Line - Emerald Tumbled Beads - 647.00 carats

10.50 x 7 mm to 18.50 x 8 mm - Dark Green Emerald Carving - 15 pieces - 39.54 carats

Though a lot of estate and expensive jewelry is made using cut stones, emerald beads are a fashion statement unto themselves. You can choose from a single strand graduated stone necklace or several rows of matched and graduated emerald beads to add pizzazz to that little black dress or evening gown- as the occasion demands.

A single emerald may set you back by a pretty penny, since it is rare to find clean gem-quality emeralds. However emerald beads are aplenty since this material is abundantly available in the market as it is not imperative for beads to be totally transparent.

So how do you go about choosing your emerald beads? Well, the ideal colour for an emerald is a pleasing deep-green; the colour of new leaves after a cleansing rainfall. However various tones may be present or the depth of colour may vary from stone to stone. While choosing your emerald beads from your jeweller or ordering them online, make sure all the beads in the string are evenly colored. Emerald beads wholesale at reasonable prices online and many wholesalers also allow for retail single-purchase orders. Genuine emerald beads can be bought online as several reputed companies have a presence on the Internet nowadays.

Large emerald beads, small and medium in a variety of sizes and shapes are available. For the more adventurous options such as cabochons (a stone with a flat surface and a domed polished top), carvings (stones carved as leaves, flowerets, with striations and designs on their surface), cut stones and drops (tear drop shaped stones with a hole drilled at one end or drilled through) are also available.

Beads can be used innovatively in single or multiple strands as necklaces. A long string of small equal-sized emerald beads interspersed with several large silver tubes at intervals can be used as a bohemian chic lariat when worn wrapped twice around your neck or several times on your wrist. Cabochons and carvings are best left to a professional jeweller to set in gold or silver. These pieces are ideal for that custom made jewelry piece you have always dreamed of designing yourself.

Cleaning and Care
Emerald is a naturally brittle stone so cracks and fissures may be visible on the bead. Worry not! This is okay as most commercial grade emerald is buffed with oil or infused with natural or man-made fillers to reduce visibility of the cracks and fissures and enhance the look of the stones. However for the same reason it is very important to take care while cleaning emerald beads/jewelry containing them. Never put your emerald in an ultrasonic cleaner as it may cause the fissures to be filled with dirty cleaning liquid and ruin the stone.

Sudden sharp blows or extreme temperature swings may also harm the stone. Therefore do not wear emeralds in Jacuzzis, steam and sauna baths. Avoid using harsh detergents to clean the stones. The best way to clean your emeralds is with a mild detergent and soft brush. Wash clean in tap water and never forget to dry your jewelry before putting it away. Always store your jewelry separately, ie; pieces should be kept well away from each other so that no stones rub amongst themselves thus causing scratches and damage to softer stones.

Emerald beads are an elegant component that can be used to create classy and hi-end jewelry for aficionados and jewellers alike. Following are basic guidelines on purchase and care of emerald beads.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Contemporary Metal Will Set You as Style Icon with Emerald Beads Jewelry

Whatever Emerald Beads Jewelry you wear speaks about you and your personality. Emerald beads embedded in Contemporary metal look attractive, stylish and can set you as a style icon.

Usage of Contemporary metal in Emerald Beads Jewelry has become very popular. Many jewelry freaks prefer yellow gold or platinum to hold the precious gem and due to contrast, it looks amazing. You will enjoy a wide variety and design in emerald beads jewelry at famous gemstone beads jewelry stores. You even can design your Emerald Beads Jewelry with your choice of Contemporary metal to make a perfect piece for you.

Contemporary metal with emerald beads will give a final and finishing touch to your attire and personality. Different jewelry speaks different things about you. So you can select or design your choice of contemporary metal with emerald beads to express your mind in an effective way. Your personality and present- ability matters a lot when you are in business. So consider all the necessary points while purchasing a emerald bead jewelry.

Whether you want an emerald beads engagement ring, wedding rings or anniversary rings, it will make you look attractive only if it’s embedded in a contemporary metal. Select a stylish and modern looking emerald jewelry and give a Buzz to the world. The more appealing you look the more contact you get and hence you will get more business in return. Selection of Jewelry must be a thoughtful step and also suit your wardrobe collection.

Collection of Contemporary metal with Emerald Beads Jewelry can be found online. There are some reliable online beads jewelry store websites such as etc. from where you can get high quality Emerald Beads Jewelry with contemporary metal at very reasonable price. There are a wide range of style, design and contemporary metal available at such New York Beads jewelry stores in order to serve your specific need.

Contemporary metal in Emerald Beads Jewelry add a fresh and different look to your personality. Make your fashion statement more loud and clear with an outstanding Emerald Beads Jewelry designed with combination of Contemporary metal.

To get quality emerald beads always prefer famous beads jewelry stores. You will get ample choice of emerald beads jewelry and can select the best one from the reputed jewelry store placed in worldwide beads industry.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Emerald Beads – Well-known Green Gemstone Beads

Emerald is one the oldest gemstone in the world. It's famous for rich green color. Its spiritual meaning of good luck and well being was made sacred by old scriptures of the Indians many centuries ago, and they used these precious green stones for these healing properties.

This is very rarest stone and producing various gorgeous jewelry with this stone. The emerald beads is traditional birthstone of May and the gemstone regarded as Taurus, Cancer and sometimes Gemini from the zodiac sign chart also.